Joel Strait

City Tour

Explore a virtual city in your browser. Different each time!

Monolith Mayhem

Widely regarded as one of the most fun games of all time. Play in your browser, on desktop or mobile.

What All Those Knobs on Your Synthesizer Do

VCF, LFO, ADSR… WTF! Learn how to use a synthesizer with this interactive tutorial.

Beats Drum Machine

A command-line drum machine written in Ruby. Convert a song notated in YAML into a *.wav file.

WaveFile Ruby Gem

Read and write *.wav sound files with Ruby.

JS-140 Web Synthesizer

A browser-based synthesizer and sequencer.

Digital Audio Primer

Learn how digital audio works, and how to create sound with a computer.


Learn how to write a Ruby program that generates sound.

Geographical Oddities of the United States

Discover the secret quirks they don’t want you to know about!


Interactive drum beat visualizer in your browser.

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